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A Year of Magical Travel

A lot can happen in a year. The start of the year and end have mirrored itself in a couple of ways. It started off escaping from the cold and flying down to a beach far from home and it ended on another beach not far from where I was at the start of the… Continue reading A Year of Magical Travel

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Cafe Dior Seoul

Earlier this year, a friend and I went to the Espirit Dior exhibition at Dongdaemun Design Plaza. My knowledge of the brand comes in the form of a couple of purses and some makeup purchased at the LVMH sample sale a couple of years ago (not worth the wait IMHO) but attending the exhibition, reading about the… Continue reading Cafe Dior Seoul


Ogawa Seoul

I’ve been on a bit of a Japanese food binge recently opting for the subtle flavours of fresh fish and clean seasonings that Japanese cuisine has to offer. For awhile, it was pretty difficult to find exceptional sushi without paying an arm and a leg but there have been a few places cropping up here… Continue reading Ogawa Seoul

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Fish. Meat. Lime. Wood.

So this post is dedicated to my best friend Mark, who has plied me with food, gotten me fat and has waited patiently for me to write about it on my blog.  Hong Kong has a pretty amazing food scene right now. I would say on par with New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and everywhere else… Continue reading Fish. Meat. Lime. Wood.

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Power Plant at D Tower

Most people know how much of a Seoul snob I am and occasionally when I feel like I’ve been north of the river too often, I’ll take a break for awhile and stay on my side of town. I know, I know, I am a terrible person. Of course exceptions must be made, like when a… Continue reading Power Plant at D Tower

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Wander Love not Lust

I stopped being a tourist in 2009 when I stayed in Florence for a boy. He drove me through cobblestone paths, waving his hands maniacally at the pedestrians blocking the way and yelled furiously at the other crazy drivers who would yell right back and swerve past him with a hair breadth distance of space. I found it all… Continue reading Wander Love not Lust

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Park Hyatt Busan

I have almost no issues with the fact that I live in a shoe box in Seoul. Single girl living sans flatmates gives you limited options in terms of housing but it’s not too bad seeing as I travel most of the year and it’s just good to come back to something that’s mine no… Continue reading Park Hyatt Busan