The Seoul Girl


Ever so often, while I’m getting ready in the morning or during my commute to work, I catch myself trying to make sense of the chaos in my head. My train of thought moves in rapid progression and in the span of one minute I find myself humming the tune of my favourite song du jour, rehashing the previous night’s events, counting the minutes to the next green light and actively telling myself that I need to slow that shit down and focus.

Writing has always been my therapy. There’s just something about sitting in silence and pouring out your soul. It’s self absorbed, indulgent and narcissistic but I enjoy writing and reading what I have to say. I recently came to the conclusion that I don’t really care to listen to others. It’s more bearable if they are actually fascinating or if they’re super attractive but that’s rarely the case.

So here I am. Instead of babbling to the masses, I’ve decided to carve out a little piece of the internets for my amusement. My musings, my thoughts, my brand of crazy and everything in between. You are welcome to drop in and out as you please.


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