Wedding Season


There is a lovely stack of white envelopes sitting on my dresser quietly declaring that every single weekend for the next few weeks is booked up with weddings and wedding related events. Ugh, wedding season, you have returned… and this year in full force.

Recently, I professed my frustration at the fact that no matter what I did in this city, that love, romance and relationships will always be the topics du jour. My single girlfriends searching for it, my attached girlfriends talking about their beaus and the married ones telling me how I should hurry up and get married so I can join the mommy club. Seoul is undoubtedly the most relationship focused city I’ve ever lived in and it’s become more apparent now that I’m supposedly at ‘that age’.

This year, in the final year of my twenties, although technically in Korea I am already 30, there is a flurry of wedding related activities around me with my cousin, two good girlfriends and my best friend all getting married this year. It’s as if there is a mad dash to reach the marriage finish line and I’m the only one not running that particular race. I’m the girl taking a stroll during the marathon.

Here’s the problem being a single girl during wedding season though… it becomes a comparative reminder to your relatives that you are NOT getting married and the nagging begins. Why are you single? Why don’t you have a boyfriend? When are you getting married? You’re THIRTY! Ugly people get married all the time, so it doesn’t make sense that you’re single! And of course your favourite person in the entire world, your grandmother sighs and tells you, just marry ANYONE (or else you’re going to become and old maid and die alone). Luckily, my parents haven’t pressured me at all; my mother’s only concern is that by the time I’m ready and willing, all the good ones will be taken.

As much as I like the idea of getting married I also like to think that there’s a time and place for everything. Some day  not far from now, I’m sure it’ll be the right time but until then, I will happily help pick out wedding dresses, write maid of honour speeches and catch the bouquet and pray that wedding season passes quickly!

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