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So a good chunk of my friends blog. There are girls with style blogs, food blogs and design blogs but my favourite reads are the mommy blogs, blogs written by girls in relationships (engaged, almost married) and single girl blogs; mostly because of the personal insights into their lives. I’m a snooper like that. But let’s compare shall we?

Mommy blog: My kids think I’m the most beautiful person in the world.
Attached girl blog: My boyfriend/fiance think I’m the most beautiful person in the world.
Single girl blog: I think the guy who lives next door/works in the same building as me/checks me out on my commute thinks I’m hot but he’s probably wondering why I keep checking him out. Ugh, he probably just wants to stab me.

Mommy blog: My babies are so cute!
Attached girl blog: My boyfriend/fiance is so cute! We’d totally make cute babies!
Single girl blog: I’m fricken cute as a button why am I single?

Mommy blog:  Babies!
Attached girl blog: Fur babies! (to prepare for real babies!)
Single girl blog: I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby *rolls eyes* (That being said, I love babies and babies love me.)

Mommy blog: California King to fit all the kids and not have hubby fall off the side. I love cuddling with my kids.
Attached girl blog: Queen sized bed, we will upgrade when we get married. I love cuddling with my man.
Single girl blog: Doesn’t matter what size as long as there are lots of pillows. Single girls need a lot of pillows because… pillows are comfortable and make up for the fact I’m sleeping alone.

Mommy blog: Aren’t my kids so adorable? Look what they can do! *pictures/videos/cute anecdotes*
Attached girl blog: My boyfriend/fiance treats me so well. We did this together and went here together and ate this together! *pictures/videos/cute anecdotes*
Single girl blog: I hate datingggggggggggggg. Men suuuuuuuuuuuck. I’m going to be a nunnnnnnnn. Never dating againnnnnnnn!

Mommy blog: I think it’s so cute when my kids try to take photos of me. Too bad most of the photos are blurry/out of focus.
Attached girl blog: My boyfriend/fiance always takes the best photos of me. Insert seven pages of the same type of photo.
Single girl blog: Duck face in front of the mirror using iPhone

Mommy blog: So glad my kids are well behaved when we eat out. I love that they’re not picky eaters/on solids/actually putting food in their mouths instead of throwing it on the floor.
Attached girl blog: Boyfriend/fiance and I prefer to cook at home. He’s such a great chef and he loves my *signature dish* We love to try out different restaurants sometimes though.
Single girl blog: Half the time: Holy crap, I think I spent half my pay check eating out! The other half of the time: Salad (because I have to LHN – look hot naked!)

Mommy blog: Now that I have kids, I finally realise what my mother went through *sniffles* I love my mommy.
Attached girl blog: My mother and I are best friends now that I’m in a steady relationships, she’s so supportive *sniffles* I love my mommy.
Single girl blog: Mother quit nagging me about getting married! No mother, I’m not even dating yet… *Sighs* but I still love my mommy.

Mommy blog: Sometimes, I really wish I could go out with my girlfriends and have a drink… or two… or three…
Attached girl blog: Boyfriend/fiance and I discovered this cute little bar where he drinks scotch and I’ll have a cocktail. It’s so amazing! Plus we have this amazing wine collection. I’ll do the occasional girl’s night but I’m so over that part of my life…
Single girl blog: I’m never drinking again… until next week

Mommy blog: Google search: Family friendly holiday resorts
Attached girl blog: Google search: Bora Bora, Hawaii, Maldives for potential honeymoon spots
Single girl blog: Travel? Hell, all my resources are going to friend’s weddings. I need a holiday.

A quick addendum by a guy friend who read this and wanted to cheer me up:

You left out a couple…

Mommy blog: I wish hubby would get off his ass, stop playing video games and help with the babies and housework
Attached girl blog: My guy doesn’t spend as much time with me as he used to. What’s so special about WOW?
Single girl blog: Have to decided which guy has jumped through enough hoops to get a date with me…

Mommy blog: Hubby say he has to work late again….sigh….
Attached girl blog: Boyfriend/fiance says he’ll be out with the guys tonight… sigh….
Single girl blog: Why are all these attached/married guys hitting on me?

So bad.

13 thoughts on “Single Girl Blog

  1. Songs playing on the ipod/iphone… ok i’m not that creative. haha
    Mommy blog: Disney, Pixar, Justin Bieber or Carly Rae Jepson
    Attached girl blog: Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)
    Single girl blog: Primadonna

  2. The best part? I can actually use your voice in my head now to read the post! The above proves that whether mommy, married, engaged or single, all wahines are butt nekkid crazy.

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