seoul life

Seoul Sunshine

One of the great things about having friends all over the world is that, when the weather is amazing, everyone takes it upon themselves to post up a photograph on Facebook and comment on how amazing the weather is. I now know that it is gorgeous and sunny in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok. And while I’m at it, I’ll add that it is an absolutely gorgeous day in Seoul as well.

Seoulites definitely know how to take advantage of the weather. We have to! Because there is only a small sliver of time between the freak snow day in late April and monsoon season where you are perpetually sticky and wet from the humidity and rain, where the weather is perfect. Those are the days you head over to the Han River with a good group of friends, some chicken and beer (in my case an ice cold bottle of Sauvignon Blanc) to enjoy a slower pace of life and listen to the street performers sing one of your favourite songs.

Addendum: Just a quick note to the single people out there; the Yeoido Han River Park is a hot spot for couples. Go at your own peril.

Yeouido Han River Park
Yeouinaru Station (Line 5) Exit 2 or 3

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