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A few years ago, I took a trip an impromptu trip to Florence. It was a bit of a detour from the Amsterdam trip that I was taking with my guy friends but I just had to. There’s something about Italy that has always fascinated me. The history, the food… dare I say the men? But I took that detour and I have never for a moment regretted it.


I’ve always lived in cities; places where the skyscrapers hide the stars and people are always in a rush, trying to get from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time. Being the quintessential city girl I arrived in Florence with the mindset of wanting to do everything and see everything and absorb everything the city had to offer. But by the end of day two, I felt myself following the slower more fluid pace of that beautiful place. Walking through ancient cobblestone paths that have been walked on by millions of different people I just soaked in the history and the magic. It helps that Florence is such a photogenic city; every little street and alleyway is postcard worthy. I could have lived there forever and on my last day I really was tempted to miss my flight just so I could stay for a few more days.

I promised myself the next time I stepped foot in Florence, it would be with someone I love. Florence is a place you want to share so what better place than on The Seoul Girl?


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