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Rooftop Party

My apologies for the radio silence, I have been attempting to recover from my weekend shenanigans that involved a copious amount of alcohol and day drinking. My friend David and I headed over to the Southern Sons pop up event at Itaewon’s Cielo this weekend and after killing two bottles of white wine (not pictured), managed to go through everything on their menu times two. Those Tupac’s Tears were sneakily potent and the Red Sonja was really refreshing in the humidity.

We had some beautiful weather in Seoul this weekend and the Cielo rooftop terrace is truly an awesome place to be with a good group of friends, a few bottles of white wine and brilliant food. The absolute best way to spend a lazy weekend.

Most Koreans don’t actually like staying in the sun and it is unfashionable to be tan but as your not so typical Korean girl I was happy to get some colour on my pasty Korean winter skin and was pleasantly surprised when my friend Jisup swung by with some sunscreen for me. A girl’s gotta take care of her skin even when she’s tanning you know!

Hope your weekend was as great as mine!

IMG_1303View from Cielo rooftop

IMG_1304Photo by Sooyon Park

IMG_1305Photo by Sooyon Park

IMG_1310Pork chops & panzanella

IMG_1307It’s not a BBQ without sausages on a skewer!

IMG_1308Tupac’s Tears

IMG_1313Loyal celebrity Dubu!

8 thoughts on “Rooftop Party

  1. Have you read the Art of Seduction? because,
    If anything you should read the chapter on the “dandy” I am pretty sure that you’d feel most identified with it.
    You have this coolness to yourself. I must admit that everytime I talk to you I feel like I am being honored by you taking the time to respond to whatever I have to say.

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