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There is just something about driving up the coast so close to the water with the windows down and wind in your hair. Even when its in the single digits outside. Be it California or Korea, it just brings me back to a good time and place in my life; the carefree days when I wasn’t sitting at my desk in the office dreaming about driving up the coast enjoying the beautiful weather.

Confession here: I don’t drive. I mean I can but I’d probably get arrested since I don’t have a license but I have been very lucky to have people drive me around wherever I go. A friend of mine kindly offered to take us to Udo (Cow Island) which is just off the coast in the North Eastern side of Jeju. As I mentioned, the drive is definitely nice but there are people who take the bus and hike one of the 21 walking trails (Olle) to get there.


A quick tip here. Before you take the ferry over, I highly recommend having a bite to eat on the mainland at Ojo House of Women Divers (오조해녀의집) for some Abalone porridge. The broth is delicious and they throw in some huge chunks of abalone there for a whooping W10,000.  Abalone porridge (전복죽) is supposed to have that slightly murky yellowy-green colour or so I’m told and apparently this is one of the best places for it. It’s on the way to the ferry terminal and the building is fairly prominent so it’s hard to miss.

Ojo Haenyeoui jip
3 Ojo-ri, Seungsan-eup,
Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
+82 64 784 0893

Once you take the ferry over, you have the option of a) hiring an ATV or bicycle or b) taking a bus that will take you around the whole island. As someone who is not big on DIY, I opted for option two and took the bus. Plus it was pretty cold in April when I went so it didn’t make sense for me to freeze to death and die on a random island in the middle of nowhere ha. Udo is definitely picturesque… I felt it would be great to go during the summer when you can actually enjoy the water.





My favourite part of the island was probably Seobin Baeksa also known as Popcorn Beach, the white sand (coral?) beach that was surprisingly rather quiet when we went. I would have thought the tourists would be swarming the place but they were probably too busy eating cactus flavoured ice cream at the other rest stops. It made for a fantastic photo op and a great spot for jumping photos.



Isn’t it lovely?

Definitely worth a second trip with a big beach towel, good food and even better company.


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