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My girlfriends have been telling me to wait until I get married to buy furniture. Are you kidding me? Do these girls not know me at all? I am all about instant gratification and frankly, who’s to say that I’ll be married anytime soon at the rate I’m going.

Furniture to me signifies that I am willing to settle down. If you don’t have furniture you can just up and leave at will; throw all your clothes into a suitcase, give away your books, pots, pans and plates and just go. It gets a little tougher to traipse around the world when you have two dressers, a refrigerator and a three seater couch to think about. Those storage lockers are pricey!

After some inconsistent years in regards to calling a place ‘home’,  I’ve finally decided to put an end to the ‘one foot out the door’ mentality that has been prevalent in my life. I was always looking for a new opportunity, a better place, hoping for someone to tie me down but I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can’t expect someone else to do that for me.

Up until a few months ago, the only item of furniture I owned in my apartment (it came with a washer/dryer and a fridge) was my queen sized bed, leaving plenty of space on the… floor… for… visitors… Evidently I am not much of a hostess. Just a quick addendum here before I go on but this is a conversation I had with a friend prior to purchasing the bed.

Me: Hmm super single…
Friend: You know what’s sad? When a super single girl, YOU, buys a super single bed. Then again, it’s equally sad if you get a double since you don’t have anyone to double up with hahaha.
Me: I hate you.

What a jerk huh?

So anyway, when I decided to stay, I ended up buying a matching white dresser/vanity and am currently on the market for dark grey couch and a white coffee table to go with the wallpaper. I suppose a minimalist aesthetic isn’t too bad; I was never one to go for too much colour.

I don’t know what the world has in store for me this year or the next but all I know is that I will be working my butt off and trying to adapt to this place so that it feels like home. I’ve always said that home isn’t a place, it’s where the people are but with my people just scattered all over the world, home is going to have to be me, relying on myself and a place for endless growth and potential. I like to think that I’ll find it here.

So home? Home is where your furniture is and where you can walk around naked after a shower without worrying about anyone else.


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