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Review :: The Shilla Jeju

I am melting from the humidity in my corner office (#firstworldproblems) and when the weather gets this way, I dream of white sand beaches and the ocean breeze in my hair. Quite idyllic, no? Flip flops, flowy maxi dresses and wide brimmed sunhats come to mind instead of silk blouses and tailored short, my summer office staples.

My first foray into resort holidays was in 2007 when I went to Kota Kinabalu with my friend Caroline. Before then, I had scoffed at the thought of flying to a different country to sit by the pool. ‘What a waste’ I thought to myself but that all changed when the waiter brought over a pina colada while I was sitting on a deck chair reading a book and the heavens opened up, celestial angels sang and all was good in the world. I wonder what was in that pina colada… but yes, for the best pina colada you will ever taste, go to the Tanjung Aru resort in Kota Kinabalu.

I digress though. I’m here to talk about my weekend trip to Jeju which was supposed to be healing trip part two but ended up being Jessica and I running around the vicinity in search for food (day one) and golf balls (day two) which were hit way off the mark.

There are a few gripes I have about the Shilla Jeju and I will get them out of the way so I can talk about the good stuff.

1. I’m assuming it’s because The Shilla is Samsung owned but they didn’t have an iPhone charger. This is unheard of at any other five star hotel resort I’ve ever been to. How am I supposed to take a million photos of myself poolside without any battery? (Just kidding, sort of…)

2. Their absurdly overpriced pina colada (W22000) tasted like watered down coconut/orange infused water without that alcoholic kick. Disappointing.

3. There is no ‘just fries’ option poolside. You have to order either a burger or chicken if you want the fries as a side but that’s just too messy if you ask me. Sometimes a girl just wants a plate a fries even though she’s wearing a bikini and will undoubtedly get a food baby after eating them.

But aside from that The Shilla is brilliant and the staff oh so attentive. After greeting you at the door, they will check you in, inform you that your request for the oceanview room has been granted as well as late check out and direct you to the new building on the 7th floor where your air conditioned room awaits (with Molton Brown bathroom goodies!)

The best thing about The Shilla is the private beach. Take the walk path from the main building down the winding wooden steps until you reach a little hut at the foot of the hill. You can dip your feet in the water and then come back in time to watch a movie under the stars.

Afterwards head back up and enjoy the wine tasting tour. The presence of the screaming children will have been abated by then, the wine and the sunshine and the mood will have mellowed you out and there you have it, a relaxing night with good company and music playing in the background.

The Shilla is family friendly (maybe a little much so – they even have tiny slippers for the kiddos) and they offer a shuttle service from the Jeju Airport. Will definitely have to make another trip down there this year.


















The Shilla Jeju
3039-3, Saekdal-dong, Seogwipo-si,
Jeju-do, Korea


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