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Last Friday, I found myself stuck in the middle of Garosugil at three in the morning, in the rain, with a dozen or so other people who were stranded because the taxis were just refusing to pick us up.  We either a) lived too close, b) lived in Seoul or c) weren’t on their route. This is what is so horrible about monsoon season and Gangnam living, the taxi drivers are able to pick and choose like kings. For a country with so many taxis it always strikes me as odd that when I actually NEED a cab, there are none available.  I guess this is why car services are popping up all over the place.

I was soaked and cranky and my buzz was wearing off so I decided to book an Uber car. I had installed the app a few weeks prior so I figured it would be easy peasy to book with a few clicks of a button. But no, technology really hates me because the confirmation code didn’t come through and I stood there in the rain, frustrated as hell when I figured I should try and give my buddy Eddie, who is part of the Uber Seoul team, a ring. Thankfully for me he was up and working and he had a car sent to me straight away. That right there is good customer service for you!

Uber is definitely not for everyone, it’s about three times what you would pay for a normal cab ride but if you don’t mind spending a little more for luxury, I would definitely recommend it. You don’t have to deal with cranky cab drivers who take you on a roundabout, the drivers are friendly and professional and the team is working really hard so you have a great experience. Also they just rolled out a fare splitting service for price conscious folks like me. My driver was slightly overly chatty for three in the morning but he was very nice… drove me to my apartment in record time, opened the car door and even gave me a Hershey’s chocolate milk box drink to go. Is chocolate milk good for hangovers?

I think if you put in the code: SeoulFirst you’ll still get the W20000 discount they’re offering. Will probably take Uber again if I get stuck in the rain, it’s expensive but cheaper than replacing my designers shoes!





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