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I’ve always been quite fond of my hair. Untouched, it is jet black, thick, heavy with only a hint of a curl. Pretty easy to maintain although drying it does take up a significant portion of my morning. The problem arises when I have to start managing it beyond drying it. As a wash and go kind of girl, primping, prepping, pinning and the like just doesn’t appeal to me.

However, when in Rome…
Seoul does have a way of bringing out the vanity and even I find myself making a little more effort than I normally do.

I had a hair appointment a few months back where I was pretty much verbally abused by the metrosexual hair stylist who declared that my hair was TOO dark and TOO thick and TOO outdated for the modern world and therefore I needed a complete style overhaul. I left the salon exhausted, rather than rejuvenated like I normally do after getting my hair done.

I did notice though that there were a lot of girls getting their hair coloured and not many people had jet black hair like mine. Also some people mentioned that I seemed unapproachable because my dark hair gave off the impression that I was aggressive? (인상이 세보인다) My friend Nicole suggested we go get our hair done together so I figured since it was summer maybe getting it dyed wasn’t such a bad idea. We ended up at Oblige where the lovely hairdresser told me it was such a shame that I was cutting/dyeing my hair but that she would make sure that I looked beautiful.

I’m not going to lie, I was slightly concerned because it had been over a decade since I had last coloured my hair and that particular incident had made my hair an orange and black, tiger stripe disaster. After trying to salvage it by dyeing it caramel brown, my locks were dry and brittle and breaking off like straw.

Luckily for me, I was in the hands of professionals and after three hours, I ended up with a good chunk of my hair scattered on the floor, my head feeling a million times lighter and the perfect shade of chocolate brown for the summer.

Only problem with being a brunette is that I have to change all my make up from pinks to peaches but so far I quite like it. Let’s hope I’ll feel this way when I have to get my roots retouched every six-eight weeks.

654-11, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, Korea
T: 82-2-518-8532


5 thoughts on “Brunette

  1. YES! I can already tell, the new hair gives you a much fresher brighter look! Good job Oblige.
    And props to you for the courage to go ahead with it! haha
    I remember that tiger stripe………

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