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Sydney Blue

Sydney has its own shade of blue that is distinct from the blue you’d see in Santorini or Malibu. I was there for a week on business and although it may seem to you like I was there in the middle of the scorching Summer, I was actually freezing and wrapped up in my favourite cashmere scarf and coat wondering how it could look so warm but feel so otherwise. Thankfully the constant sunshine made it bearable and I was happy to walk around as long as I wasn’t in the shade.

As a fairly walkable city with decent public transportation, I liked that there was a distinct flavour in the different neighbourhoods although I couldn’t really explore as much as I would have liked to. Surry Hills seemed like a mini Williamsburg with all the tattooed people in their tight jeans eating a late lunch and sipping on coffee, the CBD was a flurry of activity with suited up men and women in pencil skirts and heels and then obviously the tousled surfers at Bondi that I observed while having brunch at Icebergs. Another huge plus about Sydney is that it is so family friendly, the wide open spaces making it easy for kids to romp around and play in the sand while their parents watch on.

My foodie friend Amanda made some amazing suggestions for must go restaurants and while I wasn’t able to hit all the spots she recommended I did manage a few plus a few random spots I just happened to stumble across. Definitely indulged on the fresh seafood and probably had too many cups of coffee and glasses of wine but totally worth the extra time at the gym.


















1 Notts Ave
Bondi Beach
Sydney, NSW, Australia
+61 2 9365 9000

Best for brunch, book in advance and request a table by the window. Amazing view of Bondi and you can check out the cute surfers while indulging on oysters and champagne. I suggest ordering the fish of the day, they grill it to perfection.

Sailor’s Thai
106 George St
The Rocks
Sydney, NSW, Australia
+61 2 9251 2466

Arguably the best Thai food you’ll have outside of Thailand. Literally everything I ordered was delicious from the red curry with king prawns, green curry with chicken and steamed fish of the day.

Georges Mediterranean Bar and Grill
17 Lime St
Sydney, NSW, Australia
+61 2 9295 5066

Right by the water, sit on the patio with a bottle of white wine (pinot gris preferably). Order the grilled octopus, spanikopita and fish grilled in vine leaves.

Cafe Sopra
81 Macleay St
Potts Point
Sydney, NSW, Australia
+61 2 9368 6666

Amazingly Italian food. The pasta here is fresh and the lasagna just melds together perfectly and melts in your mouth. Several locations but the one at Potts Point is quite close to a great cafe, Toby’s Estate Coffee. Amanda said it would change my life, I think maybe it might have.


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