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Review :: Mandarin Oriental Singapore


The funny thing about having three USB flash drives is that occasionally you will end up with gems that will bring back a rush of memories. In one, I found a folder containing photographs of an impromptu Singapore trip I took with my girlfriends two years ago.  I will get to the actual trip in a separate post but I wanted to do a quick review of the Mandarin Oriental because this hotel by far had the best bed I have ever slept in and this is despite that fact I had two very single (at the time) girls clinging onto either side of me when I woke up in the morning. I prefer to cuddle with men.

I once said that if I could marry this bed, I would. And we would spend the whole day rolling around together, cuddling and taking naps. Doesn’t that sound marvelous? That’s how amazing this bed was. Goldilocks would have definitely approved.

The girls and I were intending on getting up early and exploring the city and had even said that we would wake up so we could get some pool time in before heading out but regardless of the three alarms going off in the morning, we chose to switch them off, melt into the mattress and continue sleeping. Half a day wasted (not!)

After finally hauling our lazy butts out of bed, we made our way to Newton Circus only to see that it was closed for spring cleaning… in the middle of summer? (Travel fail #1832). Then walked down Orchard Road for some shopping before squeezing in a brilliant meal and heading poolside to swim a little and tan a lot. The staff helpfully placed gigantic towels on the pool chairs, brought us ice cold water so that we weren’t too dehydrated and we were able to get about an hour of sun before heading out to eat some more. There will be a food post, I swear.

I have to say I was dreading heading back to the chaos that was our hotel room. Three girls + two day trip + multiple outfit changes + duty free alcohol = hot mess. But when we walked in, the room was spotless, our belongings were organised and there were a fresh stack of towels waiting for us alongside the Elemis bath products.  Definitely a five star hotel and an extra five stars for the epic bed.

Mandarin Oriental Singapore
5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square,
T: +65 6338 0066

5 thoughts on “Review :: Mandarin Oriental Singapore

  1. I stayed at Mandarin Oriental for 3 weeks… and Melt is my favourite restaurant in Singapore!! Amazing food, great view, friendly staff and killer location! 🙂

  2. love the mandarin oriental!

    opps didn’t know that the sales person said rose gold was a “new” thing in italy!

    i use to work for tiffany & co.. so rose gold is a relatively new concept for me hehe!

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