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Soft Serve

Korea is one of those places where trends pick up like wildfire and soft serve seems to be the trend du jour. There are heaps of places popping up that have started to sell your childhood staple but in a lot more sophisticated, grown up manner. Granted, I should not be indulging in such things, my best friend’s wedding is right around the corner and she has pleaded that I at least attempt to look presentable for the photo ops but it’s summer and summer is the season for indulgence! Amirite? Diet starts tomorrow.  Here are two noteworthy spots.


My friend Jessica is one of those girls who always knows about the latest hot spots, grand re-openings and pop ups and all the new places where there is a perpetual line. So when she suggested that I meet her for dessert a few weeks ago at Softree, I was definitely on board.  I am unfortunately the type of person who hates waiting in line  but I hear patience is a virtue and when you’re virtuous you are rewarded… with some awesome ice cream. The line at this place was pretty ridiculous though; located on the right side of Garosugil, closer to the Apgujeong side, the place was just buzzing with girls, guys and couples vying for a piece of the milk ice cream with the honey chip (as seen above).

The girls and I opted for the honey chip ice cream in the cup which was smart considering how humid it was that day but thankfully our male companion got the cone which made for a great photo op. Too bad by the time I was done taking snap shots, half of it had started running all over his hand. (Thanks Wooch!)

The honey does get a little cloying halfway through as it is quite sweet but if you have a sweet tooth, this will definitely hit the spot.

551-3, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu
T: +82 2 541 0301


I definitely have a soft spot for Godiva because they definitely have the best packaging out of the chocolatiers out there and I am a sucker for nice packaging. One of my former boyfriends used to take me to the Godiva store and let me pick out whatever I wanted. I would always leave with a curated little box of my favourite flavours and prance out with the gold bag. Almost as fun as shoe shopping, almost.

Unlike Softree, Godiva serves chocolate soft serve and it comes perfectly swirled and presented in a cone with a crunchy chocolate rim.  It is definitely decadent and not something you would have every day but when you’re having one of those days and you need to indulge, Godiva is the place to go. There are several locations in Seoul, notably the flagship store on Garosugil where they have a cafe on the second floor but my Godiva spot is next to Hyundai Department Store in Samsung Station.

546-6 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu
T: +82 2 759 0783

159-7 Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu
T: +82 2 552 2233

7 thoughts on “Soft Serve

  1. I wandered upon this place when I was in South Korea last month. The line definitely got me curious. I think it was worth the wait, but you sure have to eat it fast!
    Is this really a just a trendy thing right now? I’m guess if so, when I’m back next time we’d be in line for something else?

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