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Hello Burgers!

Once in awhile I will get these intense cravings for a particular food. My mother tells me that I would be the most difficult pregnant woman in the world but thankfully we don’t have to worry about that now.

This past week, it was burgers. For some reason my friends in California and New York took it upon themselves to post up an endless array of photos of In n Out and Shake Shack on Facebook and I sat in front of the computer drooling over the big juicy burgers with a side of fries.

Thankfully for me, Korea is upping its game and there have been a slew of gourmet burger joints that have popped up here and there.

I have this tendency to get hangry (hungry+angry) when I’m asked to wait for a table and Brooklyn, The Burger Joint in Seore Village was definitely the longest I’ve ever waited to be seated. I spent half the time glaring into the restaurant at the table of women who were picking at their chili cheese fries and the other half of the time attempting to curb the unladylike grumbles my tummy was making. I was just ridiculously grateful when the waitress seated us and thankfully, it was worth the wait. The 200g C.R.E.A.M (cheese rules everything around me) burger was perfectly medium rare and the nutella shake with burnt marshmallows was epic – I may have dreamed about it before going to sleep that night. Unfortunately for Brooklyn, the chili cheese fries were not up to snuff. Cheez whiz? Really now.

If we’re talking chili cheese fries though, my suggestion is to head on over to Apgujeong and hit up Salt and Butter where they serve these rough cut fries with legit chili and a generous handful of melted cheddar! Their burger was pretty good too; it had that flavoured char that I am so fond of.  The good thing about Salt and Butter’s burger is probably their bun which sops up all the juices as well as their bacon which they cure and smoke in house.

Honourable mentions go to Burger B in Apgujeong for the Ultimate BB Burger which has caramelized onion and gruyère truffle aioli on top and comes with a small side of fries and a milkshake shot and the mini sliders at Hopscotch in Gangnamgucheong. No photos for now because I was too hungry both times and ate everything before snapping a shot. A review for next time perhaps.


IMG_2603[1]Brooklyn, The Burger Joint

Seocho-gu, Banpo-dong 551-32
Seoul, Korea
+82 2 533 7180
Closed Monday.

IMG_2865[1]IMG_2864[1]Salt and Butter

2F NBA Store
663 Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, Korea
T: +82 2 512 2667

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