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Occasionally there are people who drift into your life, shift your paradigm and then just as quickly fade away leaving remnants of themselves only in these perfect crystalline moments of your memory. They act as a breath of fresh air in the oftentimes overwhelming hustle and bustle of city life and help you create an easy, balanced pace for the time they are there. They are the catalysts to inner change, sometimes a boost of self esteem or an anchor that holds you in place, and they make you realise that laughter sometimes is the best medicine.

I was lucky enough recently to have one of those people come to visit and I was happy to kick back and relax on my friend’s roof with a drink (or three) and spend time with a ‘boy accessory’ who doubled up as the best lounge chair a girl could ask for. It’s always strange to see someone so ephemeral slip so easily into your life and make it seem normal; I guess some people just have an innate talent for that… and it’s strange to think that some things are just never going to feel, seem or be the same again.

He might have taken summer with him when he left.


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