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Hello October!

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My September was rather hectic with a whirlwind of airports, hotels and even an impromptu trip to a Bangkok hospital six hours before my Hong Kong flight to fix my tonsils, that were, according to my doctor, ‘the size of a big meatball!’ Being ill when you’re on the road is not easy and I am just so grateful for antibiotics and modern medicine (even if sitting was a little painful after the injections).

Living out of a suitcase for two weeks was tough and as much as I love to travel I appreciate being able to come home and sleep in my own bed with all my pillows (the boyfriend alternative, don’t you dare feel sorry for me!)

It’s been less than a week since my trip but I am currently heading down to Namhae for the long weekend on an impromptu road trip with some girlfriends.

A proper update about Bangkok, Phuket and Hong Kong to come!

2 thoughts on “Hello October!

  1. Oof! Sorry to hear about the sick episodes, bebs, but I’m happy (and envious) to read about your fun travels. Can’t wait for more updates. And I agree – coming home is the best feeling after a long time away from your comfy bed!

  2. Hi there,
    I came across your blog & it’s great.

    And thanks for the follow in Instagram. By the way, My girlfriends and I are planning to visit Seoul next year. Hope I can get some recommendation/tips from you.

    Your friend from San Francisco, CA

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