Apparently 80% of women don’t know their bra size. Um hello? Don’t they know that a good bra is all you need to look like you’ve gotten a boob job? Or at least that’s what I thought a few years ago when a tiny Italian girl in Florence stripped me down to the waist, threw my Victoria’s Secret bra to the side and put me in this delicate lacy number that cost an arm and a leg but made my boobs look like a million bucks. Honestly, it is not as raunchy as it sounds but since then I have definitely invested a good portion of my paycheck into purchasing undergarments that actually fit. Remember, back fat is not sexy.

So, knowing the importance of lingerie, I obviously I had to drag my best friend and bride to be to Sheer the minute I stepped off the plane to get the bride a thing or two for her wedding night. The girls and I chipped in to pick up a few things from, like a bedazzled ‘Bride’ thong from Hanky Panky and a garter (which was unfortunately not tossed at the reception) amongst other things… I shall keep mum so as not to embarrass the groom. She also picked up this amazing teddy that I’m now coveting. Sighs, someday, someday…

Sheer has great ambience. Some of the more interesting pieces hangs on the walls like art work and each delicate piece is draped over these adorable little hangers that I wish I had at home. What I love about this place is that the staff is not pushy and you have the luxury of browsing and trying things on in the huge dressing room that has Eberjey dressing gowns so you can go outside and grab a few more things. (Have I mentioned how much I love Eberjey by the way? Got my bikini, robe and a few of my favourite pieces from this brand. And Sheer carries it, another brownie point for Sheer.)

Lisa Cheng, the owner and good friend (Hi Lisa!), picks all the pieces first hand and carries a lot of brands you probably won’t see elsewhere. Plus there’s something for everyone. As a more curvy girl, I sometimes have trouble finding lingerie that fits but Sheer carries a wide range of sizes and colours so it doesn’t look like I’m in maternity wear. And also girls who need help in this boob department will be surprised that they can actually get some natural cleavage haha. I suggest you swing by or make an appointment to get fitted, it will change your life.

Also Lisa, if you’re reading this and you can start shipping to Seoul, drinks on me!

4/F, W Place
52 Wyndham Street, Central
Hong Kong
T: +852 2147 3887

One thought on “Sheer

  1. I don’t feel inclined to buy the nicer stuff until I have someone to impress them with. =P The normal cotton stuff seems to hold me over well. I agree with you on the “back fat” comment.

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