Afternoon Tea

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There’s  a trend that really hasn’t picked up at all in Seoul which is surprising considering how much Koreans love sitting around drinking coffee all day and nibbling on sweets; afternoon tea (or high tea, whichever you prefer.) Having lived in Hong Kong for a good portion of my life it is something I grew up with and I vaguely recall my mother and her friends indulging at the Peninsula, which is sadly overrun by tourists just like the Ritz in London, However, Hong Kong is chock full of great options. (Another great Hong Kong tradition, yum cha, hasn’t picked up either sighs.)

Steeped in colonial traditions, afternoon tea used to be a fairly tai tai ritual which my girlfriends and I have adopted despite being hard working career girls. There’s just something about taking an afternoon to eat little desserts and indulge in a glass or two of champagne. One of my favourite places is the Lounge at the Four Seasons. Occasionally, I will get these intense cravings for scone and clotted cream with a dollop of jam which is an art form in and of itself – you have to get the proper cream/jam ratio so the scone isn’t overwhelmed (or is it just me?) Add a pot of the Four Seasons blend and you’ve got yourself a lazy afternoon catching up with your favourite girls.

And aren’t those the best kind of days?

Four Seasons Hotel
8 Finance St Hong Kong
T: +852 3196 8888

4 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea

  1. I love the afternoon tea concept and used to do it in Singapore. Here in Dubai it is not that common and the (only) one I have been to here at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel did not even come near the ones in Singapore.

  2. High tea sounds lovely! (I really do miss clotted cream!) Here in Texas we don’t have high tea (or any tea time for that matter). I will be coming to Seoul in May and be mostly be myself. Is there a tea you would recommend for a lone tourist?

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