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A few weeks ago, a girlfriend and I stumbled into a little coffee shop off the main road in Garosugil. We needed a little pick me up before heading to our next destination, you see and it was getting slightly chilly outside. While my friend opted for hot black coffee, I mournfully ordered the iced version because I have an inability to consume anything overly hot and have a tendency to spill things on myself when I am nursing a drink for too long, alcoholic or not. The barista, upon hearing this gave me a wink and explained that if I asked for two ice cubes, it would lower the temperature of the coffee to make it more easily drinkable and allow the flavours to come out for a better coffee experience.

I’ve been going back sporadically since; 70% for the coffee and 30% for the barista eye candy and currently have a great rapport with the staff there. As an Americano drinking girl, I am always given a mug of dark brew but this evening my cousins chose a variation of the lattes available and the smoking hot barista stole a few more hearts with his impressive latte art skills (/cue squealing girls).  I don’t think I’ll share the location of this particular spot because I don’t need any more competition but if you ever want a great cup of coffee with an impressive view, let me know, I’ll take you there.

20131112-120947 am.jpg

20131112-121002 am.jpg

20131112-121014 am.jpg


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