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Escape from the City

Fall kind of peaced out early this year which only means one thing… WINTER IS COMING (sorry, I couldn’t resist). I have to say, I am not looking forward to the five months of cold weather and bundling up. You probably wouldn’t know this by looking at the photos below but the day before, it actually snowed (blergh) but I guess looking on the bright side, a lot of opportunities to hit the slopes.

So, this month, I’ve taken quite a few trips out of town and haven’t kept my promise of exploring Seoul more but there are so many wonderful places to go in Korea beyond the city where an abundance of fresh air and good food will definitely heal the soul. This time my destination was Ganghwado, a few kilometres away from Gimpo.

I spent the evening with a former intern and her family, ate copious amounts of delicious homemade food, drank a little too much wine and partook in great conversations with great company. I have a feeling this place will be another home away from home.

20131123-025225 pm.jpg

20131123-025241 pm.jpg


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