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Cornerstone at the Park Hyatt

Chicks dig brunch. It’s a universally known fact alongside how we like hummus and farmer’s markets and puppies. I say this a lot but only because it’s true. And I know you’re nodding in agreement while reading this. In Seoul, the best of the best is the weekend brunch at the Park Hyatt’s Cornerstone although my foodie friend Chris will argue that the Westin’s breakfast buffet is the best in the city. But what does he know, he’s a New Yorker. We will have to see when he gets into town in a few weeks. In the mean time, I will stick to my guns and tell you why the Park Hyatt brunch buffet is the best in Seoul.

There’s the ambience. In the daytime, sunlight streams through the floor to ceiling windows and fills the dining room with natural light. Even on gray days, I’m not exactly sure what it is, maybe it’s the glass they use, but the lighting does wonders for the restaurant as a whole. It feels nice to be a little posh with the white tablecloth and the endless array of silverware.

You also get a glass of bubbly to start. That’s how you should start every brunch I think. And most breakfasts… and lunches even… but as a responsible woman, I will say strictly on weekends and holidays only  *nudge nudge, wink wink*. Also if you go with my friend Michael, then he will give you his glass of champagne because even the thought of alcohol will make him nauseous considering the shenanigans he got into the night before. So two glasses of bubbly for you! Yay!

Cornerstone’s eggs benedict are perfection. Look at the colour of that hollandaise sauce. Unfortunately many brunch places end up slopping on either a watery or too bland concoction of hollandaise but the Cornerstone hollandaise is just creamy enough and packed with flavour to complement the blandness of the egg whites. The little sour dough slices of bread under the eggs sop up the yolk and the Park Hyatt sure knows how to make bread.

Then there’s the buffet. Alright so… I am not a huge fan of buffets because I love them so much. I get a little greedy and need to try a little bit of everything so it does get a little filling but the quality of the food at Cornerstone is astounding. They don’t put an abundance of each items out, choosing rather to replenish frequently and I am a huge fan of their cheese board which comes with a honey straight off the comb.

Is this getting too long? I suppose it is but it would be a shame not to talk about their amazing main dishes. I really love their lobster and choose it over the red meat options (which are also very good). It comes with a side of grilled vegetable and some decadent melted butter. Perhaps a little heavy for brunch but oh so delicious.

I think the icing on the cake is the fairy floss available at the dessert corner. Just to add a little whimsy and make you feel like you’re a kid again even in the fanciest setting.

The weekend brunch is W99,000 for adults W50,000 for children and the menu changes weekly. Call in advance to make a reservation for the weekend.

20131205-074145 pm.jpg

20131205-074208 pm.jpg

20131205-074216 pm.jpg

20131205-074226 pm.jpg

20131205-074235 pm.jpg

20131205-074243 pm.jpg

20131205-074251 pm.jpg

20131205-074300 pm.jpg

2nd Fl of the Park Hyatt Seoul
606, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu,
Seoul, Korea
T: +82 2 2016 1220

3 thoughts on “Cornerstone at the Park Hyatt

    1. as someone who is furthest from a vegetarian as they get, i haven’t checked for the vegetarians options but if you check the park hyatt seoul website, there should be a PDF menu for the cornerstone brunch (it changes weekly!)

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