Lash Envy


I love the look of long, lush lashes… that I sadly don’t possess naturally. I have super straight, refuses to hold a curl, kinda sparse Asian eyelashes and is one of the more high maintenance things in my normally low maintenance beauty regime. One of my closest girlfriends has the longest, naturally curled up eyelashes known to man, (I hate you a little Vas), and only puts on a little mascara at the tips for that extra oomph. She probably doesn’t even know how to use an eyelash curler.

When it comes to beauty, I have a tendency to get a little lazy opting for convenience over anything else. I get perms so I don’t have to brush my hair, nails done because then I don’t have to do anything about it for six weeks and obviously getting individual eyelash extensions so that I don’t have to layer on piles of mascara or stress myself out by attempting to place on those darned eyelash strips (which takes forever because I can never get them to look like I want them to!)

The process takes about 40 minutes to an hour depending on where you get them done and how many natural lashes you actually have. Some places will limit the number of individual lashes they glue on but the place I go to will put the individual lashes on every single one of your natural lashes which definitely gives your eyes a lot more depth. You have the option of several lengths, between 9mm-13mm and either J curl lashes (more natural looking) or C curl lashes (lashes with a stronger curve). I usually go for the C curl with a mix of 10-11 mm lashes because I feel like it opens up my eyes more and isn’t too unnatural.

Most places will give you a touch up at half the price of a session if you go back within two weeks and depending on how well you maintain them, they last between three to five weeks. This means, no oil based make up remover and limited eye make up. When you have extensions in, all you have to do is slap on some BB cream and some lip gloss and you’re ready to go!

The one place that has an English speaking staff and also does an amazing job is Coco Lounge in Itaewon. I sometimes get my nails done here too. Price of eyelash extensions is W50,000

Coco Lounge Itaewon
66-8 itaewon dong, Yongsan gu,
Seoul, Korea
T: 82 70 4256 9783

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