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It’s been freezing in Seoul and after a few near death experiences from slipping on the black ice that has permanently embedded itself into the pavement, I’ve decided to do an extremely belated recap on my Hawaii trip because obviously I’d rather be there than here right now.

As with most beach holidays, my goal was to eat a lot, sleep a lot and work on my tan, preferably in that order. There was the added bonus of my fabulous friend Jen‘s beach wedding in Ko Olina and spending time with some of my girlfriends who are locals and therefore have the inside scoop on all things Oahu. As your not so average Korean girl (I lack the pale-never-see-the-sun lily white skin that Korean girls are so fond of), I was mistaken for a local a few times, especially by the hotel staff who asked me if I was enjoying my staycation but that may have been because of the epic tan I acquired by spending my days under the Hawaiian sun.

Hawaii definitely has that laid back, slower pace of life island vibe that I love but will never completely get used to. I appreciate great weather, beautiful scenery and boys with six packs (ehem, not that I was looking or anything) but I’m just a city girl through and through. I did, however, truly appreciate waking up to the sound of the ocean, perpetual blue skies and not having to drag myself to work.

A lot of people say that Waikiki is overrun by tourists and the beaches aren’t as nice. Yes, there is an influx of Korean, Japanese and Chinese tourists that makes it feel like you’ve never left Asia but even the “less nicer” beaches are better than the ones you’d find elsewhere. My friends ended up driving me to the North Shore by taking the scenic route on the east side so I was able to see Laie Point, check out the surfers at Sunset Beach and snapped a few shots at the Halona Blowhole, and of course, as most tourists do, ended up stuffing my face at Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck and Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice.

Another super touristy thing I did was snorkelling at Hanauma Bay which I totally think is worth it despite there being an entrance fee. Most hotels will offer transportation to and from Hanauma to the resort you’re staying at and despite the crowds and the semi destroyed coral reefs, seeing all those fish swimming around will have you humming Disney’s Little Mermaid’s ‘Under the Sea’ in no time. 

As an avid moderately enthusiastic hiker, I hiked up to see the Manoa Falls and saw the sunrise after walking up Diamond Head at the crack of dawn but given the chance I’d probably give Koko Head Crater a go (which probably means a quick shopping trip at the Ala Moana Mall for trainers and a quick stop at Lululemon for a cute outfit amirite?!).

Oahu is definitely a place that has something for everyone from people who consider shopping as cardio (moi) to adrenaline freaks who are looking for something more active.  Someone take me back there please?
















4 thoughts on “Aloha!

  1. jeaaaaaaaaaalous! i haven’t been home in years ::cries:: so lucky!! i miss garlic shrimp so badly!! it sounds like you had a fab vacation.

    ironic because i lived there for years and ppl always thought i was a tourist because i was never in the sun. lolol.

    lol no secret to losing weight. just eat like a bird when i’m at home.. and indulge when i’m out. i was positive that was the way it was in korea too lol. at least that’s how it is in taiwan.. my girl cousins eat like normal ppl when they’re out.. and then eat nothing at home. now i don’t do that because well frankly i love food too much.. but i’m also definitely not 100 pounds like they are lol. .

  2. Nice post! I just love Hawaii for its food, beach, weather and shopping! It doesn’t matter if it feels like Asia in Hawaii so long as they have great food with nice weather and great place for shopping indulgence!

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