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I blew out nine candles on three different birthday cakes this past weekend which, I suppose, makes me 90 years old this year if we’re counting. Oddly enough 90 seems more feasible than 30 – I couldn’t possibly be 30 already but I guess I am… Goodness…

This year, I wanted somewhat of a low key affair so I asked some of my girlfriends to join me for dinner and drinks so I could attempt to act like an adult even though I don’t feel like one. Unlike last year, where my closest girlfriends and I danced on tables until dawn and somehow dragged ourselves to a champagne brunch the next morning in our darkest sunglasses to stop the glare of the winter sun from blinding us, I had more than a few birthday dinners in cold and snowy Seoul over the span of three days.

As far as milestone birthdays go, I would say it is one I will definitely remember; full of amazing food and delicious drinks, surrounded by a wonderful group of people who wished me a happy happy birthday and provided me with enough chocolate cake to last a lifetime.

I could possibly do the cliche list of things I’ve learned at 30 but I think I’ll skip that. Instead, I will say, all the regrets I had about my 20s are now behind me and I will leave them there taking only the lessons I’ve learned through my mistakes and cherishing the memories that have brought me to this point. Time to move on, move up and enjoy the little adventures life has in store for me.

Happy Birthday to me! And time to start that diet!

20140210-101639 pm.jpg

20140210-101652 pm.jpg

20140210-101702 pm.jpg

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