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Maison de la Categorie

20140219-052254 pm.jpg

There is something to be said about putting a basket full of warm bread with creamy butter in front of ten hungry girls… it will be gone in minutes, someone will ask the waiter for seconds (including more butter!) and all the while all ten girls will be complaining about how carbs will be the death of them. That was how my birthday meal at Maison de la Categorie in the ritzy Cheongdam district started: with a basket of arguably the best bread in the city, falling snow outside the restaurant that set the mood for the glorious dinner we were about to have and my favourite people, helping me celebrate my dirty thirty in style.

After much contemplation, I decided to have several low key dinners with different groups of friends instead of one huge birthday bash and Maison de la Categorie was definitely on the list of places I’d want to go with my oldest, dearest friends. These are the girls that know good food, good wine and a good time if there ever was one. We opted to try a little bit of everything, from the bone marrow with escargot to the lobster linguine (!!!), to the gnocchi and shrimp souffle. As a French restaurant there were some staple dishes like the duck confit and steak au poivre but the former was passed upon because of swine flu (although we did end up getting the foie gras) and the second skipped over for the veal (not pictured).

Maison de la Categorie has an extensive wine list with the sommelier making some excellent suggestions to pair with the meal. Despite having been in the charge of the wine I was too busy drinking it to take note of the bottles we had so I guess that will be my excuse to go back another time. That and the desserts which we ended up skipping out on because my girls decided to get me TWO chocolate cakes. However, there is definitely a macaron the size of my head with my name on it which I want to try! On a related sidenote, surprisingly the price point was not as high as we expected – mostly in part due to the big group we had and the fact that we shared. Approximately W50,000 including the vino.

20140219-052307 pm.jpg

20140219-052317 pm.jpg

20140219-052326 pm.jpg

20140219-052337 pm.jpg

20140219-052345 pm.jpg

Maison de la Categorie
85 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, Korea
T: +82 2 545 6640


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