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Chicks Dig Pie

A few Thanksgivings ago, some girlfriends and I were lounging on the host’s couch complaining about how we could not eat a single bite more. The turkey, the stuffing, the sides… just everything about that meal had been perfection. Coupled with a few glasses of vino and it was a done deal. Buttons from jeans coming undone and everyone just groaning about how they’d indulged too much. I was particularly happy that I had worn stretchy pants (yay!) foreseeing this exact situation.

Then the host came out of the kitchen and said, ‘Hey guys, we have dessert!’ You can probably imagine what happened next…

The girls jumped up, grabbed a plate and stood in line for the freshly baked pecan and pumpkin pie while the guys looked on in amazement.

‘Chicks dig pie,’ the host said with a shrug and proceeded to pile our plates with dessert-y goodness.

I have to say, I am not much of a dessert person, opting for the savoury option over sweet but when in Seoul, you do as the Seoul girls do and you ooh and ahh over the amazing baked creations that lay before you after a full meal. My guy friends here like to joke that Korean girls have a separate belly for dessert… and I’m pretty sure it’s true because even the most petite of my girlfriends will always say yes to cake, and pie, and ice cream, and gelato, and whatever else tickles their fancy. Refer to this entry.

So before this entry gets a little too convoluted, let me talk to you about a few dessert places that are worth it based on my personal taste when it comes to dessert. I can’t do the overly sweet desserts that make me feel ill afterwards. The desserts should be deceptively sweet, only hinting at the sugar and I’ve found two places that fit the bill.
20140226-110700 am.jpg

20140226-110710 am.jpg

20140226-110719 am.jpg


Dessertree, located in Apgujeong is a little bar-esque place that serves the most delicious banana salted creme caramel ice cream pancakes south of the river. The crème brûlée is pretty solid too. My girl Ary and I opted for the ‘tasting menu’ (W25,000 I believe) after a particularly heavy meal of Thai spices and found the dessert light enough après dîner but enough to satiate the sugar cravings. The tasting menu comes with a glass of prosecco, your choice of ‘main’ dessert and a little trio of desserts which the chefs beautify in front of you. Tip for guys: I didn’t see a single guy there so not a bad pick up spot. Probably will win you some brownie points with your girlfriend if you take here there.

653-7  Sinsa-dong
Gangnam-gu, Seoul
T: 82 2 518 3852

20140226-110730 am.jpg

20140226-110739 am.jpg


I met up with my friend Joyce a few weeks ago on a lazy Sunday. We had both dragged our frumpy looking selves out to grab a quick bite at Queens Park in Cheongdam eliciting a few ‘Giiiiiiirl what are you wearing’ looks from the fashionistas and the Chanel toting girls here. Quick pro tip here: Queens Park is actually a fairly popular brunch joint for those looking for something on Sunday and Coffee Bar K is right down the road for the alcoholics reading this blog. After eating a lot of bread (like Maison de la Categorie in the previous post, Queens Park does an amazing bread basket) we decided to do dessert. It’s good. Really, really ridiculous good. The banana cream biscuit pie is the perfect texture of creamy and crumbly and the fruit tart has this light vanilla cream that just melts in your mouth. And I don’t even like cream!

Queens Park
83 18 Cheongdam-dong
Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
T: 82 2 542 4073

I am recommending both places to you but should your waistline expand and your love life dwindle, The Seoul Girl will not be held accountable.  Happy eating! Please remember to hit the gym afterwards!



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