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Father Daughter Sunday

My father and I don’t see each other too often, he’s busy, I’m busy and life just seems to pass by full steam ahead but every few months on a Sunday, we will meet up for a father daughter date that starts with lunch and ends with dinner, we throw in a movie somewhere in between and he ends the night by telling me that the guy I introduce him  to better be prepared for an interrogation. Suitors beware! (He has a long list of requirements and an even longer list of questions he will be asking the future mister which I am becoming slightly concerned about).

This past month on my birthday, he said, ‘Appa will buy you dinner at a hotel!’ and took me to J.W’s Grill at the J.W. Marriott which my father claims as his old stomping ground. Apparently in his younger years, post marriage, he would drink at the bar downstairs with his buddies. I find it interesting how pockets of Seoul store my parent’s memories, of their lives prior to me and the sibling, during a period when we weren’t old enough to know better, and how these same places hold memories that are now dear to me as well.

I digress.

The steakhouse is fairly typical as far as steak houses go – oak panels, high backed chairs, white tablecloth and a wait staff that is perpetually filling up your water glass. We opted for the prix-fix dinner because the pops likes to try a little bit of everything – I personally could’ve skipped the soup and the dessert. Everything was fairly good overall but not particularly exceptional except maybe the halibut which was cooked to melt-in-your-mouth perfection. The chocolate molten cake was left untouched because I had had three chocolate cakes for my other birthday celebrations prior and as I mentioned previously, I can’t do overly sweet.

One good thing about the J.W. Marriott is that it is connected to the Shinsegae Department Store. As of late, the paternal unit opts to spend time with me at department stores, especially since it has been so cold outside and really, who wants to walk around Gangnam when it’s below freezing right? We used to spend a good chunk of time at COEX in Samsung-dong before they decided to renovate so this is his new favourite place. I assume that he also has a fondness of this place because I dropped a boat load on him for his last birthday at Shinsegae and he is hoping I will be in another generous mood.

My father, unlike my mother, has a more classic eye when it comes to style;  my mother likes prints and colour! LOTS OF COLOUR!; and is constantly attempting to steer me in that direction, although I err more to his sense of style than hers. So at the end of the meal he told me I should get some pearl earrings or a nice purse on my next business trip, and gave me an envelope with a little something something so I could ‘invest’ in my style because ‘for everything else, boys should be investing in you,’ he said. 

20140303-105530 pm.jpg

20140303-105540 pm.jpg

20140303-105550 pm.jpg

20140303-105758 pm.jpg

20140303-105808 pm.jpg

20140303-105817 pm.jpg
JW’s Grill
J.W. Marriott Seoul
19-3 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
T: +82 2 6282 6759

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