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First Date, Second Kitchen

After two years of attempted dating in Korea, I’ve questioned the whole notion of 21st century romance and have wondered if I should resign myself to spinsterhood. Maybe buy a cat or something… So when I was asked out a couple of weeks ago, on a proper date, with a guy that I met completely organically, I went through a flurry of emotions that could simply be described as craycray. I went from being excited about the whole thing, to stressed out because I had nothing to wear, then completely and utterly homebody lazy and eventually caved and decided that yes, it would be worth it to get dolled up and dressed up because who’d know when this would happen again.

Of course dinner was delayed while I was going to through the crazy stage and my date had to ditch his original plan, replacing it with a last minute trip to Second Kitchen in Hannam-dong.

Second Kitchen serves New American cuisine with twists on a few classic dishes. I’m a surf and turf kinda girl on occasion and the seafood stew with mussels and scallops really hit the spot, as did the thin slices of tenderloin with shaved Parmesan. For the mains, I’d skip out on the pork belly and go straight for the fish which was chewy in a way that only well cooked fish can be. Second Kitchen also has an amazingly affordable wine list! Yay! Bottles start at W55000 which is 20-30% cheaper than you’d get at alternative restaurants of the same calibre.

20140321-101527 am.jpg

20140321-101538 am.jpg

20140321-101549 am.jpg

20140321-101600 am.jpg

20140321-101626 am.jpg

20140321-101637 am.jpg

I hate to say this, and I hope my date doesn’t discover this blog until much much much much much later but I had pretty low expectations of the whole ordeal, not so much because of him but because I’ve become so rusty at dating and so jaded about dating in Seoul; I figured I would mess it up in one way or another. Thankfully I didn’t and he was a perfect gentleman, offering up his coat while he hailed a taxi for me.

Just another quick tip – Speakeasy Mortar and Coffee Bar K are just around the corner for those who’d like a tipple before heading home.

Second Kitchen
Hannam-dong 263-2, Yongsan-gu,
Seoul, Korea
T: +82 2 794 7435


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