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Hyatt Regency Dubai

So for some reason, all the flights from Seoul to Dubai arrive at this ungodly hour, so I thought I would have to wander around the Dubai wilderness (?!) instead of enjoying a hot shower and soft comfy bed. Thankfully the Hyatt Regency Dubai came to the rescue and checked me in at 6 am. I shuffled my weary self into the room, hopped into the shower stall that looked like a Star Trek transporter *nerdy giggle here* and took a long, highly deserved nap on the most comfortable bed on the planet until noon.

The hotel houses the simply named ‘The Kitchen’ which serves breakfast, tea and dinner and ‘The Bar’ which has a great selection of alcohol. As in most other Middle Eastern countries, drinking is prohibited in many areas and some hotels are completely alcohol free but what’s a business trip without a tipple or two no? Especially drinking by the pool during down time. The pool is cerulean blue and the water is warm just like the weather in March. Be warned though, there are occasional sand storms that will make a mess of your skin. But in cases like this you can skip the pool and head to the ice rink which is located in The Galleria right next door.

Wifi is available everywhere in the hotel and is quite fast if a little spotty. One other little downside of the Hyatt Regency would probably be proximity to the tourist destinations. In traffic it took about 45 minutes to the Burj Khalifa and Dubai mall and I’m sure it would have taken a much longer time to the Burj Al Arab which is further away but my colleague and I opted to take the metro to check that particular destination out – but I’ll leave the details for another entry.

The staff is very friendly and extremely helpful, but then again I would expect nothing less of the Hyatt chain. It cost approx. 900 AED per night but I hear that with the 2020 Expo coming up, hotel costs in Dubai will be skyrocketing up within the next few years. Still, I definitely look forward to staying here again next year!

20140321-043756 pm.jpg

20140321-043804 pm.jpg

20140321-043812 pm.jpg

20140321-043821 pm.jpg

20140321-043829 pm.jpg

20140321-043840 pm.jpg

20140321-043848 pm.jpg

20140321-045053 pm.jpg

Hyatt Regency Dubai
D 85 – Dubai
United Arab Emirates
T: +971 4 209 6936


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