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After being ‘on the road’ on an extended business trip for two weeks (with two more weeks to go), I am feeling a little homesick, especially with friends sending photos of all the cherry blossoms blooming which indicates that spring is finally in the air in Seoul. Seoul doesn’t get a whole lot of great weather throughout the year with the summers being exceptionally muggy and sticky and the winters, frigidly cold and miserable. So when you see snippets of spring popping  up here and there, you definitely want to make the most of it — too bad I’m not there to enjoy it.

I am currently on the second leg of my trip, up in Harrogate in North Yorkshire. Heading up from Leeds to Harrogate, I was able to see the lush greenery and spring lambs frolicking about which is definitely not something you see in Korea. Unfortunately, the weather has not been all too wonderful with the sun being blocked by the perpetual fog.

This afternoon, I decided to take the long way back to the apart-hotel my colleagues and I are staying at and was able to see some cherry blossoms along the way. I suppose there are little reminders here and there that remind you that you’re not too far away from home.


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