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Howdy strangers. I know, it’s been awhile. I am finally back from my extended business trip and I think the best way to start is from the most recent leg of the journey which was to Egypt and make my way back to the beginning.

After spending several days in ridiculously windy Edinburgh, my colleagues and I made our way to sunny, desert-y Cairo which wreaked havoc on my skin much like Dubai – my skin just doesn’t agree with all the sand and dust sighs. The trip was cut short slightly because of the upcoming elections and general unrest in the region but it was still more than enough time to truly appreciate Egypt in all its ancient and modern glory.

We stayed in New Cairo in the Fifth Settlement which is the bougie part of town with new luxury villas and flats being built on every corner. The Dusit Thani Lakeview Cairo, had these marvelously spacious rooms (the bathroom was the size of my Seoul apartment) which had a patio leading straight to a mini pool. I didn’t get to swim there but I did have a dip in the main swimming area with its infinity pool and swim up bar – I need one of those…

As with most business trips, we weren’t able to see much of the city but our clients made sure that we ate a lot. And I mean a lot, to the point where my food baby was growing exponentially. El Menoufy, a lamb BBQ restaurant, serves up piping hot pita bread straight from the oven with hummus, tahini and other sides much like Korean banchan. I ate so many lamb fillets, sausages, chops and minces, I’m pretty sure I was more sheep than human at one point.  And yes, I may have gotten the meat sweats too.

The highlight of the trip was probably the morning before our flight back home when we went to Giza to see the pyramids. There are hawkers everywhere selling trinkets and offering up horse and camel rides but when you get beyond the tourist traps, you truly see the majesty and history of the place.

I got a little too much sun and there is practically no shade so make sure you wear a hat, put on heaps of sunscreen and stay hydrated. My only regret is not riding a camel again, it would’ve been a great photo op.

20140423-112703 am.jpg

20140423-112726 am.jpg

20140423-112738 am.jpg

20140423-112753 am.jpg

20140423-112801 am.jpg

20140423-112810 am.jpg

20140423-112819 am.jpg

20140423-112828 am.jpg


Dusit Thani Lakeview Cairo
90Rd.، New Cairo
Cairo Governorate, Egypt
T: +20 2 26140000

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