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London Tea

My friend Custin is a bit particular on certain things, mostly pertaining to space and aesthetics and oddly enough, my personal style, which he is attempting to evolve into something very different from what I am used to… but that’s a different story. Another thing he is particularly particular about is food and where we eat and drink. I haven’t disappointed him thus far save for my favourite coffee shop with the cute baristas – he hates that place, but as I mentioned, he’s very particular and it can be difficult to please him. So when we decided to go to brunch I had to do a good amount of naver-ing (the Korean equivalent of Google) as he had demanded a place that was moderately priced but was ridiculously delicious and it had to be in Cheongdam-dong. Fine, challenge accepted you big snob.

I ended up choosing London Tea which isn’t in Cheongdam but it was close enough and the homey decor with the rustic tables and mismatched chairs was good for a somewhat chilly weekend as the vibe of the place screams ‘cozy’. Custin ended up being an hour late (grrr) and  Hannah and I were pretty hangry but we had a few iced cappuccinos while we waited. I would suggest skipping the iced cappuccinos though… they weren’t that good.

What I do recommend is the French soup omelette with caramelized onions and gruyere cheese and the cranberry cream cheese french toast which oddly comes with a salad on top. I am usually a pancakes over French toast kinda girl but that French toast was so fluffy and delicious we ended up ordering seconds.

I’m not exactly sure why the place is called London Tea as there is nothing English about the place, perhaps that serve afternoon tea here? But regardless of that fact, for a taste of almost homemade goodness, I suggest making your way out to Sinsa/Apgujeong for lazy brunch here.

20140424-035357 pm.jpg

20140424-035414 pm.jpg

20140424-035429 pm.jpg



London Tea
566-14 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu,
Seoul, Korea
T: +82 2 514 2660

2 thoughts on “London Tea

  1. lol your friend sounds like a handful but honestly i almost feel like everyone should live their life that way! settle for nothing less than the best.. without breaking the bank!

    yummm i haven’t had french toast in soo so long! that’s one of the first things i plan on eating when i get back to the states.. and pancakes too. i want both HAHA. we don’t have brunch fare in germany.


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