Isabelle’s Porterhouse

I had this ridiculously intense meat craving yesterday. No innuendo intended. I think it’s because I’ve been contemplating going on that clean eating thing everyone is talking about and felt the need to binge on all the unhealthy stuff before it started – kinda pointless huh? So let’s just say that I was supremely pissed off at the people who decided to eat Monday evening steak and booked out Lawry’s last night. Jerks.

I ended up at Isabelle’s Porterhouse in Itaewon instead and let’s just say that while I did get my meat fix, I was pretty grumpy about the whole experience.

I am a HUGE fan of Isabelle the Butcher in Sinsa-dong. I have waxed poetic about the amazing food, service and ambiance and am always happy to go back there with good friends or on a date or with family. The problem with Isabelle’s Porterhouse is that it doesn’t delivery on any of those fronts. It is the poor man’s option at the same price.

Perhaps because it was a Monday… and usually Mondays are a little slow (ehem Lawry’s!) but despite the fact there were only two tables (including our party), the place seemed thoroughly understaffed. We had to call them four times before they took our order. When the porterhouse arrived, it was overly charred on the outside and a little too rare on the inside and the bone marrow which I LOVE LOVE LOVE was pretty raw and underdone.

The only redeeming quality was the pickle with the spicy chili peppers on the side but… that… was… a… side you know? I make a better creamed spinach and it’s pretty difficult to mess up french fries.

Luckily I had my favourite friend Hannah with me to keep me company but let’s just say I’ll be sticking with The Butcher and skipping out at Porterhouse from now on.

20140513-104344 am.jpg

20140513-104352 am.jpg


Isabelle’s Porterhouse
119-17 Itaewon-dong
Yongsan-gu, Seoul
T: 82 2 749 9827

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