‘I’m craving sushi,’ I said in a message to my friend John who is still based in Tokyo.

‘Come on over then,’ he replied, ‘it’s not that far away you know…’

I won’t lie, for a minute I contemplated it because it’s difficult to find good sushi in Seoul without paying an arm and a leg.

I lived in Tokyo for three and a half years so let’s just say when it comes to the stuff I am spoiled to pieces. Sushi is an art form there as you’ve probably seen from the movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi and I would go as far as to say that you will not find any bad sushi places in Japan. Granted yes, I’m not sure how safe the seafood is after the radiation spill but let’s not think about that.

Walking home from work the other day, I noticed this tiny restaurant with an inconspicuous signboard and peering into the windows, I noticed that it was a sushi bar with fairly limited seating. Hmm… fate? You betcha. So I rang my friend Natalie and told her to meet me there and at 8 o’clock we rushed past a slow walking couple and grabbed the last two seats remaining. You snooze you lose and slow walkers always lose.

The menu is limited to a ‘Lunch Set’ for W30,000 or a ‘Dinner Set’ for W50,000 which is a little strange because you can get the Dinner Set at lunch time and the Lunch Set at dinner time. It’s more of a portions things. Natalie and I opted for the Dinner Set which comes with salad, miso soup, rice porridge, twenty+ pieces of sushi (most of which I was unable to photograph due to eating it before it even reached my plate), a handroll, mini udon and a plum cocktail at the end of the meal.

In true sushi bar style, the chef prepares the pieces for you on the spot. He’s not much of a talker but if you chat him up, he’ll shoot you a small smile and throw in a few extras here and there. Mine being an extra piece of fatty tuna thank you very much. He also has a few pieces of sushi that have some interesting flavour combinations like the white fish with lemon pepper or a piece of sashimi with yuzu flavoured ponzu and citrus shavings.

I’m not sure if I want to share this place with just everyone yet because I hate waiting but if you’re craving sushi, just shoot me an email and I’ll share my secret spot with you.

20140516-092912 am.jpg

20140516-092920 am.jpg

20140516-092935 am.jpg

20140516-092953 am.jpg

20140516-092946 am.jpg

20140516-093005 am.jpg

20140516-093013 am.jpg

20140516-093020 am.jpg


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