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Seoul Jazz Festival 2014

20140521-095657-am-35817972.jpg(via Instagram)

I’m not sure if any of you feel this way but there are times when I wonder what in the world I’m doing with my life. The week consists of long days at the office and a flurry of social activities that revolve around eating and drinking and on some Mondays, I’ll wake up and groan at the thought of going through that particular grind again. (Note to self: detox detox detox)

After yet another one of those weeks, I said enough is enough, rang my favourite unnie and asked her if she would be down to go to the Seoul Jazz Festival with me because let’s face it, I needed some fresh air and an excuse to get dressed and out of bed at the weekend.

We woke up bright and early, packed up some sunscreen and wine in water bottles (because you’re not allowed to bring glass bottles to the festival), got slightly lost heading from Gangnam to Olympic Park but finally found our way there just in time to get some a decent spot to watch Urban Zakapa and Eric Benet perform at Sparkling Dome which was unfortunately indoors.

Thankfully there were some other artists, like Jeong Yup and Jamie Cullum that performed at May Forest so we were able to take advantage of the open space and the amazing weather we’ve been having in the city. It was one of those perfectly balmy days completely conducive to napping on the grass (which I absolutely did).

As far as music festivals go, this one is very well organized and despite being a little pricey at W96,800 for one day (with a 20% discount) I think its a small price to pay for some culture and a lazy weekend out with good people.


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