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The Scotch Story



When I lived in New York, my friend Hyun took me out to dinner at Minetta Tavern. After consuming copious amounts of alcohol in the form of champagne, wine and cocktails and eating arguably the most delicious burger in New York City, he decided that it would be fun to teach me about scotch, his poison of choice.

Now, I am one of those girls that take very well to alcohol and several drams in, I was all about the stuff. Lavagulin anyone? Tastes like bacon!

Fast forward to the next morning, I woke up to find my friend’s girlfriend peering over me and asking in a pretty loud stage whisper, ‘Is she okay? Why is she on the floor?’

Erf. Okay… maybe I was a little too confident about my drinking abilities.

After ringing a girlfriend of mine telling her I would NOT be making it to brunch, I spoke to Hyun who just recommended that I check my camera.

Here’s the thing after the morning after a fun night out… things start coming back to you in bits and pieces. The first piece of the puzzle that came back was walking past the Wall Street bull. Apparently after drinking a little too much limited edition single malts and some Cuban drinking rum, Hyun had suggested we hit up Vintry, his favourite bar in the Financial district. We had walked past the bull and I had said something along the lines of, ‘I wonder if people can get up there…’

(The answer is a resounding YES. With some help…)

This statement had somehow lead to me to clamber up onto the Wall Street bull for a great photo op. I may or may not have something to do with the fact that it is now prohibited to do so.


In April, I booked a flight between my London and Cairo business trips to take a quick break in Edinburgh to drink some whisky for three days straight. After that first foray into the big, bad world of single malt, I couldn’t go back. And in two weeks, I will be heading back to New York for a quick holiday to see old friends and to relive some memorable moments.

Hopefully this time, being older and wiser, I will try not to pay my cab driver in quarters (yep! I paid a twenty dollar cab ride in quarters post photo op) and I will attempt  to not disappear bringing a bevy of male models to the bar in my wake but hopefully there will be many more scotch fueled moments and some exciting stories to come from it!

Edinburgh entry up next!


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