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A Glimpse of Seoul

There are moments in muggy, monsoon-y Seoul where I completely fall in love with the city. This is despite completely disregarding fashion protocol and wearing a white dress out on a rainy day, then proceeding to slip, get black gunk on your new dress and shamefacedly walking into the closest Olive Young to purchase wet wipes to make yourself look somewhat presentable. Yep, that’s just an average weekday evening for me.

Getting back to the main point though, despite life throwing curve balls your way, when a friend invites you to another friend’s terrace BBQ in Hannam-dong, one of the ritziest parts of town, you don’t say no, even if you both look semi-homeless from a rough day at work.

Joyce and I managed to find our way to the home of one of “her Italians” and were greeted with ciaos and air kisses and a glasses of red wine. It had just stopped raining but you could still see remnants of humidity in the sky as the clouds hung over the city, softly teasing at another downpour.

Over shrimp that the host had purchased that very morning at Noryangjin fish market, a plate full of steak and oddly enough, the 90’s greatest hits, the BBQ guests mingled on the terrace that showed off Seoul’s breathtaking view. The lights from the bridge and the lights from the cars that can only be beautiful when seen from this perspective just shows off Seoul in all its mega-city glory.

Seoul after the rain, in good company with good wine and good food.






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