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10 Days of Gelato

It has been sweltering in Seoul the last few days and I mean sweltering! Makeup is useless, there’s no point in blow drying your hair and let’s just forget about wearing nice clothes. And it just so happened that the outside motor that makes the air-conditioning run on the entire floor of my apartment building went dead ensuring that I felt every. single. minute. of that darned heat. I had to get up twice in the middle of the night to take a cold shower but woke up bathed in sweat the next morning anyway. First world problems? That’s for sure.

Days like these, you are trying to find things that cool you down and I was reminded of the challenge I gave myself this past spring on a business trip to Italy. #10daysofgelato… gelato every day, several times a day because you know… it’s Italy and because you can. My mother gave me a long lecture on how I was going to get fat and how I’d never find a husband but waistline and singledom be damned, challenge accepted.

Here are some of my favourites from the trip:


First day in Bologna, the moment I decided to challenge myself after I had the most difficult time deciding what flavours I wanted. Indecisiveness is a huge problem for me but I ended up choosing pistachio and nutella because who doesn’t like nutella right?  After two bites, I was convinced that the nutella gelato was just pure, plain, creamy, nutella posing as gelato. Nonetheless, still delicious.


Day three of the business trip. There was a little gelato stall literally around the corner from where we were. Having skipped out on lunch due to the ridiculous lines, I just went and asked my gelato girl for three random flavours. She passed me the cone and said they were “hazelnut, Florentine cream and some kinda nut”.


Day four, back in Bologna city centre, I decided to switch it up to something less heavy with a mix of strawberry and lemon gelato. My friend Dave commented that my portions were getting smaller and smaller. As someone who is not much of a dessert person, I admit the sweetness was getting to me… but I forged on because I am a trooper.


Not a great shot but the guy behind the counter at the famous La Sorbetteria Castiglione was so damned charming. He blew kisses while scooping the gelato and came from behind the counter to kiss my hand and handed me the cone “with the hat”. I was so distracted that the gelato started to melt. Chocolate and a special gelato called ‘Emma’ which was cream and figs. “You must come back tomorrow,” he exclaimed. Sadly it was time to leave Bologna.


Day 7,  the Liguria region,which is known for its lemon products like limoncello, produces the most amazing, flavourful, creamy lemon gelato I have ever had. Gelato with a view in Vernazza after a long hike from Monterosso where I almost fell off a cliff. True story. Save that for the next entry!


Last day in Italy, quick trip to Sienna because I had to. Of course you have a make a trip to Grom where you’re in Italy. Coconut chocolate, salted caramel and crema di Grom and of course another cute gelato guy working behind the counter who gave me an extra scoop because I looked so torn up about being only able to choose two haha.

Unfortunately, the gelato boom has come and gone in Korea and it is hard pressed to find a decent gelateria in Seoul so I must resort to staring at photos of gelato to satisfy my cravings. However, soft serve and artisanal ice cream still have a place in the fickle Korean dessert market. I’ll share my favourites with you in my next post!

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