No Guts, No Glory


I knew Jisung and I were going to be good friends when she suggested we go to Gongduk for jokbal aka pork knuckles at a place with no running water, street food style. Unfortunately it was a little too far to go, so we shelved that idea for another day and decided to go for a steaming hot plate of gopchang, or beef intestines.

While most people are probably cringing at the thought, there is a variation of this in every country like haggis or chitlins etc. and people actually love it! While I am a huge fan of the ‘classier’ parts of the cow (steak is my favourite animal), there will eternally be a special place in my heart for the nitty-gritty innards dipped in sesame oil and eaten with some fresh chives and chili.

Gopchang has a slightly rubbery texture and is meant to be chewed. The insides are pretty much all fat but have a meaty flavour so if you can’t imagine what it could possibly taste like if you’ve never tried it, then just envision buttery meat and you’ll get the approximate gist of it.

Jisung and I killed a huge combo plate which includes yang gopchang (large intestine), gopchang (small intestine) and some other untranslatable parts of the cow for W45000. And then we had another portion of gopchang (W17000) because we’re greedy like that.

There are a slew of benefits for eating gopchang, the main one being that due to the collagen, it’s supposed to be really good for your skin. While I have not seen a significant boost in the condition of my skin, I’ll just assume it’s because I’m not eating enough of the stuff and maybe go for round two.

Gyodae Gopchang (교대곱창)
1578-3 Seocho 3-dong,
Seoul, Korea
T: +82 2 3474 9167

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