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Goodbye Summer


I find myself getting sentimental every September as the vivid blue and chaos of summer fades into sunset coloured leaves and cool breezes.

This time last year I was lounging around on my friend’s rooftop, enjoying Seoul at undoubtedly the best time of the year – the tail end of summer. For a person who spends an exorbitant amount of time indoors, I always appreciate it, first off, when I actually get a chance to be outdoors and secondly, when the weather permits for comfortable outdoor lounging.

While the start of my September is slightly different this year, as I find myself in Tokyo, in my old stomping grounds, the weather is the same and once again I am surrounded by good company.

When I left Tokyo in 2010, I knew that I would miss the cleanliness, the random comforts, the insane randomness and above all other things, the food, but I didn’t think that the transition to elsewhere would be that hard. Coming back though, I start to remember all the little snippets of Tokyo that makes it an amazing place to live.

Of course, things aren’t all the same. A lot of the people I shared my Tokyo experiences with have come and gone but there are some that remain consistently constant. Somehow, in this transient life of mine, I find kindred spirits who will always make time for me. Who will eat soft serve with me in the sun, who will update me over a fusion dinner and who will give me sage advice over drinks at a wine bar all in one day. I am blessed with people who enrich my life with their presence as fleeting as it may be.

So hello to old friends and goodbye to Summer and let’s hope for a few more days enjoying the outdoors.


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