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You know you’ve been a bad daughter when, knowing you’ll be going on a road trip with your father for the long weekend, you decide to go out with your girlfriends, drink too much and arrive at home around the time your pops said he would pick you up… and then promptly pass out in the car. My father just shook his head and sighed when I apologetically informed him I was slightly inebriated and drove the five hours down to Anmyeondo without a single complaint. Then again, I was in dreamland at the time so I probably wouldn’t have known even if he had. Five hours later, with the sun glaring down into the car, we arrived at our destination, the sixth largest island in Korea, just in time for lunch.

After a little jaunt in the water, which was fairly cold and slightly gritty much like most of the beaches on the west coast of Korea, we decided to indulge in the local delicacy, raw crab and raw shrimp marinated in soy sauce, which is best when mixed with a hot bowl or rice, and gaegookji, a spicy seafood stew with crab, shrimp and cabbage, which turned out to be the best hangover cure. There are plenty of restaurants that serve these dishes in the area because of the close proximity to the water. We opted for the set with came with the stew, raw crab and shrimp and spicy marinated crab for W70000 at a restaurant which translates to Ddan Ddook Log Cabin. No idea what Ddan Ddook means. Anyone care to give it a whirl on Google Translate? Since I am pretty useless post drink session, I’ll add a link here to another site so you can see how delicious everything actually was.

I expected it to be more packed with people considering it was Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) but it was fairly quiet on both the beaches and the roads and we were able to make it to our pension on the other side of the island in record time. The tides ebb and flow depending on the time of the day with the water coming in right to the border of the pension early in the morning and ending up far far away come the afternoon making it easy to just walk around and enjoy a nature walk.

It was a pretty relaxing holiday for me… I’m not sure about my daddy though. He probably needed a holiday away from me after this little daddy daughter trip. I promise to be better next time appa!






Ddan Ddook Tongnamu Jip (딴뚝통나무집)
60-42 Seungeon-ri, Anmyeon-eup,
Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
T: 82 41 673 3340


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