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La Vie Bohème

Oh hey guys… So remember that thing called blogging that I used to do? Yeah… that thing I did where I would keep everyone posted about my comings and goings and throw in some snippets about life in Seoul here and there? Yeah… I guess between the business trips and attempting to do that whole work/life balance thing everyone keeps talking about, I’ve completely neglected this little thing.

So I’m back… at 1 in the morning no less, attempting to write about my detour to Prague earlier this month.

One of the perks about travelling for work is that if time permits, I can fly to a neighbouring country and do a little sightseeing before I am bombarded with meetings and the like. My destination this time was Prague.

Now Prague is one of those ridiculously photogenic cities that looks glorious, even on the greyest of days. It becomes ‘romantic’ when in any other country it’s just a good excuse to stay at home under the covers watching trashy television. After not sleeping in order the pack the previous night, I arrived at Vaclav Havel Airport, suitcases in tow, checked into my hotel and promptly conked out for 15 hours, yet again proving that I am not the young, chipper 20 years I was a decade or so ago. Ah youth…

The next morning, bright and early with the trash men who make the city beautiful and clean and the other senior citizens (no joke), I decided to walk from my hotel in New Town to the Charles Bridge to see the sun rise. The misty greys turned into a glorious, brilliant blue and despite the autumn chill, I was able to enjoy my first full day in Prague basking in the sunlight.

Truth be told, I hadn’t done much research about the city as I had previous had my heart set on Istanbul but Prague is a walkable city. All the sights and scenes are in walking distance of each other. The Charles Bridge is a must although the bridges running parallel are less touristy and packed but it is the best way to get up to the castle which sits on top of a hill. You will see people on segways, which is actually the smart way to go but the walk itself it not too bad.

From the castle, head back down and walk west to the monastery which houses one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Albeit it is quite small and you need to book a tour to see it up close and personal but even so it was my Beauty and the Beast fantasy come to life. The monastery is where you will also get one of the best views of the city and of course the best place for a photo op alongside the other Asians with their selfie sticks (/facepalm).

Head back down to Old Town and go to Lokal (Dlouhá 33, Praha, Czech Republic +420 222 316 265) which serves authentic Czech cuisine and while Czech cuisine isn’t something to call home about, if you’re a beer drinker, it’s apparently great to wash down with a Pilsner. Personally I preferred the Italian food there and enjoyed my meal at La Finestra (Platnéřská 90/13, 110 00 Praha, Czech Republic +420 222 325 325) immensely. The portions were tiny but the food was amazing.

I ended up staying for five days which I felt was a little too much time to be in just Prague, a day trip outside might have been a great idea as the city is quite small and it ended up losing a bit of its magic on Day 4 but I definitely recommend a visit if you want to live that laid back Bohemian lifestyle you just don’t get outside of Europe.

Here are so pro tips for Prague.
– Wear comfortable shoes and if you’re travelling in the fall, layer layer layer.
– Start early before the tourists come out to play. It’ll feel like you have the whole city to yourself.
– The Hemingway Bar is great for drinks but quite smokey. If you can handle the smoke, they have a great selection of cocktails. Make sure to book in advance because they don’t really accept walk ins.
– The Astronomical Clock is hiiiiiiighly overrated BUT check it out anyway and imagine you were born back in the day when it was made. Not so cool now but pretty damn cool in the 1400s
– Everything is walking distance so don’t bother with the trams and such just walk walk walk walk and walk. (Don’t ever hail a cab on the street, they will rip you off like cray cray. Call a taxi service or take Uber!)

Safe journeys!









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