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Cafe Midsommar

Coffee shops in Seoul are a dime a dozen. Every street and every corner has a slew of cafes that sell lukewarm coffee and overpriced cakes that have become synonymous with coffee culture in Korea. The one upside of these spots are that they have the plush sink in sofas and soft lighting which make for awesome selfies ha!

My favourite coffee shop in the city, located in the trendy Garosugil, is neither flashy or  particularly comfortable but just brews an amazing cup of joe, not to mention the baristas are award winners and are adorable to boot.

So I find myself having to compromise comfort over taste and I hate compromise!

Enter Cafe Midsommar near Hanti Station, slightly off the beaten path but the space is absolutely gorgeous and it servers three of my favourite things: bread, coffee and vino. The brainchild of my friend CJ, who waxes poetic about  minimalism, Midsommar combines natural elements like wood and light to create a cozy space despite it.

Good bread that isn’t overly sweet as per the Korean palate is a little hard to find but Midsommar serves french sourdough from La Montee topping it with fresh ricotta cheese and herbs which I love. They roast their own coffee too which is always a plus in my book. I may be a little biased about this last point as I had a hand in selecting them but the wine list is pretty well curated haha.

Great place to go in the afternoons for a pick me up and even better in the evenings to indulge in a bottle of wine with good friends.




Cafe Midsommar
1F 923-12 Daechi-dong
Gangnam-gu, Seoul
+82 70 4792 6144


2 thoughts on “Cafe Midsommar

  1. seoulgirl! big fan here. your blog largely guides where i eat / drink and i am always happy with your recs. anyways, was wondering if you might have the low-down on where huge thanksgiving dinners might be had? 10mag used to do a list but it looks like they are mia. cheers!

    1. hi there, thanks for the compliment. i don’t really celebrate american thanksgiving but most of the american joints in itaewon will probably have a thanksgiving dinner. i know my friend suji of suji’s (the brunch place) does it every year. also J.W. Marriott does turkeys with all the trimmings if you’re interested in doing it at home. will let you know if i find any more places!

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