Surf & Turf

It’s been awhile since I’ve had two exceptionally good meals in a row, so that deserves a post methinks. Not your typical surf and turf but still a pretty good combination from my delicious friends from the sea and land.

Once again my sincerest apologies for the lack of posts. Between work, health and relationship issues, life has been pretty darned overwhelming and the focus has been on not focusing at all. However, distractions come in the form of good friends who like good food so here I am.


I revisited Lobster Bar the other day. It had been awhile since the original meal where there were only three or four items on the menu, mostly lobster rolls. While I enjoyed that experience immensely, nothing would have prepared me for the absolutely mouthwatering meal I had at the new location.

The extended menu, which features whole lobsters cooked in different styles (ie. regular grilled or Singaporean style a la chilli crab or black pepper), was quite daring seeing as even if you’re overseas, you don’t find many restaurants that specialises in one main seafood ingredient like that. My buddy Brian and I opted for the Cantonese style lobster (W49,000) which comes with a slew of vegetables and a good serving of chow mein. I lived in Hong Kong, so this satiated my cravings at least for the time being. Additionally, the bacon scallop fried rice (W15,000) that graced the new menu was, as they say, bomb and even more awesome at 3 in the morning as leftovers.

The only disappointment of this meal was the fact that I didn’t have enough space to finish everything in that one sitting but I blame Brian who was full from lunch and was eating like a girl  (ha!). I will be back to hit up that chilli lobster very very soon!

Lobster Bar
56-13 Itaewon 1-dong,
Yongsan-gu, Seoul
T: +82 70 8225 3963




Meal number two was at Haemong which is located in Nonhyun-dong (between Hakdong and Gangnamgucheong stations), in a little unassuming, slightly shady alleyway that you would never wander through unless you’re in the know. The place is full of locals, not an English speaker in sight except for my friend Mike and myself. After a 20 minute wait or so standing in the freezing cold, we were ushered into the tiny space which was crammed with people already slightly inebriated from an abundance of so-mek (a combination of soju and beer).

The jjokgalbi or ribs are W30,000 for two servings which has exactly (look at the photo) that many ribs and surprisingly filling. Dip it in the sweet/salty soy sauce with Korean chives and eat it with the plastic glove covering your left hand (because apparently the right hand is for drinking). The server will tell you that because the ribs are cooked in the kitchen first, once you ordered, you’re done, no additions. So if you’ve ordered two servings, you’re done at two. I suggest ordering four servings for two people because these ribs are ridiculously delicious.

Mike loves his ribs and Haemong got this seal of approval so obviously we’ll becoming back for more.

107-11 Nonhyun-dong,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul
T: +82 2 515 6080

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