O’yull: Organic in Seoul

Post surgery, I’ve become one of those girls. You know, the type that peruses the menu for ages and ages because she can’t eat this and needs to replace that and then explains to the wait staff that she’s sorry but she can’t have the butter poached fish with bacon power with a side of croutons because she’s dairy free, meat free and gluten free so she’ll just have the salad. Ew… I know.  One of those girls. So on top of being dairy, meat, gluten free, my doctor has added no caffeine, no soy and no alcohol to the ever growing list of things I can’t eat because I’m in recovery mode.

So what is a girl to do? Especially with so many limitations to my diet. Ask my good friend Google of course. Sadly, it really was slim pickings and there weren’t so many resources available and the issue was the sites didn’t really cater to my specific needs. For example, when I rang Asiana to ask for a gluten and dairy free meal for my flight, they kindly informed me that I had to choose one or the other and I sure as hell didn’t want the vegan meal because c’maaaaaan, I need some protein here. So I decided, a list needed to be compiled for the gluten, dairy, soy, red meat, caffeine and alcohol free people out there – all three of you.

Since it looks like I’ll be eating like this for awhile, I might as well make a game of it and give you a run down on all the places I’ve gone that caters to one of those girls (without being tooooo snarky! I swear I’ll try!)

So I’ll start with O’yull, an organic restaurant a stone’s throw away from Gangnam Station exit 11. Located on the 9th floor (take the elevator on the left), overlooking the busy streets and glaring lights of Gangnam, O’yull is a low key restaurant with romantic, muted lighting and impeccable white table cloth service. Did I go on a date here, you ask. We all know that dating and I aren’t getting along these days but I did have a lovely meal with a gal pal.

There were a few things I liked about O’yull, the first being that instead of a bread basket (gluten gluten gluten), they served a medley of grilled pumpkin, potato and sweet potato (gluten free, gluten free, gluten free!), the second was that when I informed my server of my food restrictions, she switched out my second course which was originally a slice of hanwoo beef with microgreens, with the scallop on mushroom with a side of microgreens and my third course which was a chestnut cream soup with a spicy tomato chili – both fairly good despite the tiny portions. And lastly the dessert, which came with a very unexpected truffle infused honey which trumped the blackberry jelly and strawberry.

The salad (not pictured) wasn’t all too memorable and having eaten fish almost every day on my two week business trip to SoCal this month, the salmon was alright but not mind blowing.

For dinner, O’yull offers a course menu (A-K), serving a la carte for lunch only. The only The Seoul Girl friendly option was Course K (W68,000), which had salmon as the main course, the other options are different cuts of steak served in a variety of ways ranging from W70,000-W83,000. It’s not cheap but I reckon it’s a decent place for a romantic dinner or a two hour catch up session with a good friend.







9F Glass Tower
820-9 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu,
Seoul, Korea
T: +82 2 554 0511

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