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Brunch at Bills


There is something really magical about sunlight streaming through floor to ceiling windows on a freezing cold day, kind of like you’ve taken something that wasn’t meant to be there in the first place. It felt really nice sitting by the window at Bills, basking in the sun indoors despite the strong winds and -11 degrees outside.

Bills, originally from Sydney by celebrity chef Bill Granger, is a restaurant that popped up in the new (and sinking) Lotte World Mall in Jamsil. Even the interior and decor reminds me of lazy Aussie afternoons drinking flat whites and munching on something healthy. There were several things on the menu I was dying to try but due to restrictions, I kept it clean with the quinoa salad and fish curry after a misstep with the coconut chicken salad which contained dairy.

Everything about the citrus quinoa salad (W19,800) screams healthy, from the beets, to the zucchini to the quinoa, which has gained a lot of popularity since celebrity Hyori Lee proclaimed her love for it. I loved that it had so much texture and it was a no frills dish. For all my health conscious dairy free readers, this is probably straight up your alley if you ask to remove the feta cheese like I did.

The stand out for me was the fish curry (W25,000). Unassuming in the bowl, it was just bursting with all these different flavours, which I love. There was not a single drop of curry left in the bowl after we had our way with it. Hands down the best curry I’ve had in a looooong time… Wooch will agree with me.

The last component of the meal, which was the famous ricotta pancakes (W19,800), are a nono on my list with the dairy, gluten and more dairy but I couldn’t resist a bite. It was ridiculously delicious and fluffy. SOOOO FLUFFYYYYY! And the honeycomb butter and caramel syrup were the perfect complement.

I didn’t take a photograph of the drinks but Wooch had the almond milk masal chai (W8,000) which uses almond milk they make in house, Sehee had the Americano which uses beans from Anthracite Coffee Roasters (W5,000) and I opted for the Bills Raw (W7,700) a super healthy smoothie made using almond milk, raw cacao, bananas, honey and isa. All really great options for brunch.

Sydney meets Seoul. Perfect place for a birthday brunch if I do say so myself.




Bills Korea
1F Lotte World Mall
300, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
T: +82 2 3213 4185/6

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