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Gelato Solves Everything

A few years ago, when my best friend and I were roommates, she came home after a huge break up. When you live with your best friend there are things you just kinda know straight off the bat so before she was able to burst into tears, I grabbed a pint of ice cream, a box of tissues, a silly romantic comedy DVD and set it up so she could cry it out.

Boys who make you cry really aren’t worth crying over, we as girls all know this as a fact, but sometimes the fairer sex has the tendency to get a little crazy and the heart does all these stupid things and we are left sniveling unladylike messes.

I recently had a very similar ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ moment when it hit me, he’s not calling, he’s not texting, he’s dating other girls, he’s not taking me out on dates, he’s not asking me to be his girlfriend… what the eff am I doing?!! It’s OBVIOUS that he’s just not that into me, why did I not get that sooner?!!

But for me, instead of settling for a pint of ice cream I am opting for gelato because with gelato, you’re less inclined to finish an entire pint when you’ve had that proverbial heart broken. Can’t be heartbroken AND get fat you know? One at a time…

Now most of you have probably skimmed through my 10 Days of Gelato post where I had gelato in Italy for ten entire days so you know I don’t half ass anything.  Here’s a rundown on the best spots to make you realise gelato is better than boys.


Most recently, I headed over to Aventino which is located between Kyungridan and Noksapyung. One of the perks of Aventino is the seating on the second floor which opens out to a view of the street; great for people watching but not so great because of the traffic and all the noise. The gelato itself is alright, a tad bit too sweet overall, especially so with the salted caramel which should have little bursts of savoury within the sweetness but it didn’t deliver completely. The earl grey flavour was completely sold out and I am a sucker for tea flavoured desserts so I might give that a go the next time but I think the forte at Aventino are the fruit based gelatos/sorbets… you really can’t go wrong with that. At W4000 it doesn’t break the bank so have a try and see what you like best.

567 Itaewon-dong
Yongsan-gu, Seoul
T: +82 2 792 0567


If we’re talking about prime real estate, Gusttimo with its tiny storefront is located a stone’s throw away from Itaewon Station and has the nicest staff who doesn’t get cranky when you ask for a tasting. I had a bite of the chocolate which was rich, creamy and tasted exactly what gelato should taste like but I was too full from lunch and didn’t want anything too heavy; hence the mango and strawberry which tasted like my morning smoothie. All the fruit flavoured ones are vegan and they did have quite a wide variety of flavours which is nice. W5000 for a double scoop if I’m not mistaken and there are several locations, including Gangnam, Myungdong and the Galleria department stores just to name a few.

Gelato Gusttimo
27-11 Itaewon-dong
Yongsan-gu, Seoul
T: +82 2 793 5800


I don’t make my way out to Hongdae very often, as a Gangnam girl I find it too much of a hassle to make it over to that part of town… However, when in Hongdae, you go to Gelati Gelati – I don’t know of another place that does gelato in the area. I was full on vegan when I went for gelato in Hongdae and was pleased with the selection with their refreshing lemon, strawberry and grapefruit sorbets. However, with gelato you should go for the smooth nut based ones like pistachio or walnut which they do quite well for W4000 a scoop.

Gelati Gelati
407-8 Seogyo-dong
Mapo-gu, Seoul
T: 82 2 3144 3281


Awhile ago, I was invited to the opening of Il Gelato in Garosugil by an acquaintance who works for the Italian embassy. Il Gelato was offering free unlimited gelato until it ran out so obviously I had to be there. As a huge huge huge fan of Grom and after giving several flavours a go, I came to the conclusion that this is probably the closest thing to Grom you’ll find in Korea. They have three different types of gelato: fruit based, the classics and the specials and while first two are really good, the specials are the ones you’re going to want to try because they’re so different. I quite liked the chili chocolate and the rice flavoured gelato but they apparently changed their flavours up from time to time. It was free first time around but I wouldn’t have a problem shelling out the cash for this place.

Il Gelato
550-9 Sinsa-dong
Gangnam-gu, Seoul
T: 82 2 511 1177

Don’t you feel better now? Haven’t thought of him the entire time you were reading this right? Thought so.

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