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Girl Date at Bover Lounge

If there was one word to describe Bover Lounge, it would be luxury. The luxury of space, the luxury of time, the luxury of money, the luxury of… well anything really.

The place reminds me of the occasional three hour lunches I would have with my tai tai girlfriends in Hong Kong, where they would talk about horse back riding, spa treatments and where they were going to summer that year. Yep, summer as a verb, can we get a eye roll up in here?

While I no longer have the luxury of these three hour lunches, I did have the luxury of spending an hour and a half dinner with my girl Jaewha where we shared anecdotes about our non existent love lives, the stresses of work and complained about how the margaritas (W15,000) were too sweet and not strong enough.

Bover Lounge, with its floor to ceiling windows, chairs that are actually more comfortable than they look and natural light is a great place for a girl date. I probably wouldn’t subject any of my male friends to a place like this, the space is just so damned girly, but for a relaxing dinner with good gal pals, Bover lounge hits the spot.

Stand outs are the quinoa salad with cauliflower (W19,000) shrimp blanc mousse tomato linguine (W24,000) and avocado salmon risotto (W23,000) all pictured below, and if you’re lucky like us (because you know, we’re pretty and all), then the manager might throw in a free mango coconut pudding like he did for us (actually he probably threw it in because we were both talking about how much we needed a stiff drink as soon as we sat down and he felt bad for us.)

That being said, Jaewha – because I know you read this, let’s grab dinner again soon!







Bover Lounge 
1F State Tower
88-1 Hwehyun 2-ga, Jung-gu
Seoul, Korea
T: 82 2 6020 5755

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